An Apple a Day

30th January 2017 By 0 Comments

Swap Your Daily Apple for a Digital Pill!

Cupertino tech monolith, Apple, have just announced their first digital pill!

Yes, you read that correctly – a DIGITAL PILL!

It’s an astonishing new complement to the smartphone and wearables markets, and for those of you who embrace your tech to the max – this consumable WIIL complete your ‘Holy Trinity’ of connectedness in a way that could once only have been imagined by a undiscovered budding sci-fi writer, who’s twenty-six hours a day at his screen, high on LSD, to a sonic backdrop of Leonard Cohen and My Chemical Romance.

Wait till you hear what they’re calling it…

The last thing they got us all to embrace was the smart watch, a device hailed as the ultimate mate to your smartphone – and they called them, Wearables.

This latest attempt to deepen the connection between Mankind and his tech array, comes in the form of a small but distinct green digital pill – are we then to assume if these catch on, that they will be known as Swallowables – I can see a certain awkwardness with that one from the get-go!

So let’s peel back to the name.

Apple’s Jony Ive has been at the forefront of this new swallowable’s development, and as he didn’t have much to do in his usual field of design, he’s clearly had a few creative thoughts around the naming of this new digital supplement.

Ive has decided to name your new daily dose, the Personal Interconnectedness Pill – PIP for short!

A fitting name…

Pay a visit to Dr Ive’s surgery, and you’ll walk away with a prescription for a month’s supply of Pips.

Simply take one per day thirty minutes prior to eating, and before you’ve had your first bite of toast – you’ll be connected to your smartphone and smartwatch companions in a far more personal way than you ever imagined possible.

Pip uses patented formulas which connect with your body’s own cardio-electrical system, and as such they ‘plugin’ to all your organs, including the heart and the brain.

Many now believe there is conclusive evidence that the heart and the brain are linked in ways we didn’t envisage previously – namely that the heart is another brain within the body, and that this is our intuitive, feeling and emotional brain – our connection with everything and everyone – including Universal Consciousness.

Touch the app on either your phone or watch, and you can now monitor every aspect of your body’s health and performance.

And because Pip plugs into your heart it can pick up on your emotional state too.

You could say it penetrates to the very core.

There is currently speculation that with this type of connectedness if will soon be possible to make an in-app adjustment from your phone and put yourself back into a good mood – shares in Prozac are already bombing!

So, will this latest piece of consumable tech make us more healthy and efficient as human beings?

Will it make our beloved GP’s virtually redundant – not anytime soon, but stranger things…

I’ll leave you with one serious, and potentially disturbing thought.

If Jony Ive and Tim Cook really could read your moods and modify them, how about your mind and your thoughts?

Hi tech, star trek – crazy world!