Kitchen Table Tycoons

30th January 2017 By 0 Comments

Stay at Home Mums Trump Husbands Earnings – Even Part Time!

We all know the traditional model of the man being the breadwinner in the home has become outdated if not obsolete.

The familiar cry of, “Hi honey I’m home “, is largely a distant memory.

The career minded independent woman came of age some time back and has been making progress in leaps and bounds ever since.

Why, I personally know one very lucky stay at home dad, whose wife is the big boss of a nationally known public company, and she puts three hundred grand a year on the table – talk about role reversal!

In fairness, he does very nicely too, as he runs his own profitable biz from the house.

But not all successful ladies leave the house for work.

There’s an emerging new breed of women who are becoming kitchen table tycoons as opposed to the kitchen table slaves of the 1960’s and 70’s

These girls are bang at it!

They’ve taken their financial destinies into their own hands, and become financially liberated.

The lap top, smartphone and web cam, have replaced the traditional tools of domesticity for these success hungry Ladypreneurs.

And there’s no way you can categorise them either – one extremely successful (if you call 30k a week and rising successful?) lady I recently met, began the kitchen table pilgrimage to success out of sheer necessity – namely finding herself a single Mum with five boys to raise – that takes balls!

Yet, another hugely successful female home business legend, told me she’d merely wanted to prove to herself that she could earn more than her successful husband – and she did, big time.

So, what are they all up to?

You may well ask…

Ever heard of companies like Kleeneze, Amway or Herbalife?

Yes, of course you have – these household names were made in the households themselves.

Contrary to many a misinformed urban myth, these companies were, and are not pyramid sales organisations.

Unlike many conventional businesses, they produce and sell their own products directly to the end user – hence they are direct sales companies.

They differ from the traditional model by redistributing the profit margins to the people who use the products themselves –  by way of volume and longevity discounts, and further to those of them who choose to share and refer their experience with others – here bonus and commission structures are on offer.

But people only get paid when they share the product with someone else, and help that person to understand the company and its products,  then teach them to duplicate their own efforts.

It’s a very fair way of rewarding people for being your customer and promoting your business.

If you think about it for just a second – we already do this every day – the difference is we don’t usually get paid.

When was the last time your favourite shop, hotel or restaurant paid you a cash bonus for sending your friends’ custom their way?

But you do it anyway!

We all do.

The aforementioned companies have been around for decades and were among the pioneers of home-based direct selling organisations.

But there’s a new wave of progressive, rapid growth direct sales companies out there.

They operate within a diverse range of industries and professions – from skincare, anti-aging, legal, utilities, communications, sustainable and ethical products, tea and coffee, jewelry and fashion, make-up and fragrances.

The list is virtually endless.

All these products, services and indulgences comprise of things we buy and consume every day out of want and necessity – but now, you get discounts and additional bonuses when you introduce someone else to the company as a customer or associate.

Fair enough, I’d say.

And so would our ladies who have taken this model both to heart and by the horns.

Let’s face it, the girls love to socialise and share things far more than us fellas ever would.

And they’re natural teachers too – which is what this business of duplication is all about.

Who taught you to tie your first pair of proper shoes – Mum or dad?

We know the answer!

So, next time your wife or girlfriend gets all excited about the prospect of working from home in a new business opportunity you’ve not yet heard of – shower her with love, praise, and encouragement.

Because one day she just might lend you her new Ferrari – you know, the red one you’ve always wanted, but never been able to afford!

Go Girls…