Trade Secret…

30th January 2017 By 0 Comments

Do Trade Secrets Really Exist?

I was recently reminded of that well known old phase, ‘Trade Secret’.

I hadn’t heard the phrase for a long time, and although it’s a familiar saying, it got me thinking.

Firstly, it made me smile due to the nature in which it was conveyed to me, but then I said to myself, “The phrase must have been born out of somewhere”.

It made me wonder if there are really any trade secrets, and in particular, any that can help us in the area of attaining success, freedom, and happiness?

I think the best definition of success was given to us by Earl Nightingale, who famously said, “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal “.

What did Earl mean when he came up with this definition of success?

I’ll answer that question in a moment.

But it’s an interesting way to describe success, don’t you think?

Most people might say when asked to define success, that making millions was their idea of success, or that getting to the top of their profession would be the ultimate indicator of success.

So, it’s interesting that Earl didn’t refer to either money or recognition as benchmarks of success.

I believe what he meant, was if a person is moving in the direction of their true calling and making regular progress towards its attainment – that person could be considered a successful person.

In fact, I know that’s what he meant because he said as much himself.

He explained, the worthy ideal represents that person’s major definite purpose in his or hers lives.

Their BIG goal if you will, their significant WHY?

Therefore, as long as that person is taking daily steps towards becoming their major definite purpose, they are living in accordance and alignment with the true principles of success.

It’s a great way to sum it up, and in my book, no one has yet been able to put it in a more succinct and accurate fashion, despite Earl penning the phrase decades ago.

Many have tried to appear smart and erudite, by paraphrasing Earl on this, and claiming the new version as their own breakthrough – but honestly, why even bother?

If someone has already defined something so perfectly, that it’s almost a universal law in itself, trying to look clever by rearranging it only makes you look fake and arrogant!

It’s like moving the numbers and symbols around of something like Pythagoras Theorem, and then claiming you’ve just worked it out yourself, and aren’t you brilliant – no, actually you’re an idiot for even trying!

Back to the thrust of the article, if there is a ‘Trade Secret’ as regards success, then surely Earls summing up of success in those seven legendary words would qualify.

You know, too many of us end up becoming good at something we don’t really like doing and weren’t destined to do.

I believe our major definite purpose is our real destiny, our journey, and destination in life.

I hope you find yours.

Wishing you success in all your worthy endeavours.