Don’t bother calling unless you’re any good!

16th March 2017 By 0 Comments

Hey there in selling land.

Look, I’m a patient guy, really, and I do give the benefit of the doubt to callers who pitch me.

But the more I talk to people, pro‘s and punters, the more evident it becomes, that we get pissed off with bad selling practices.

There’s a guy been trying to pitch me an investment for more than a year now, must have called me eleventeen times or more…

Yet, he still sounds like he’s reading the words from a script on his first day – and if he sounds like he’s reading from a script, then he is…

You’d really think that in over a year, pitching the same deal, he’d have developed it into a natural-sounding conversational piece, and not an obvious sounding sales pitch!

And it’s not a good script to boot!

Good teleselling should be an enjoyable and informative, questions- based conversation between two consenting adults.

With the sales person doing 20% max of the talking, and 80% of the listening.

NOT, a rude, poorly delivered, obviously scripted, interruption, with no attention to basic principles and manners – like seeking first name basis permission, asking if now is currently a convenient time to speak, and stating the purpose of the call – and it’s intended outcome!

I hope your sales people are pro’s at what they do, or that anyone calling you has got the basics nailed.

I used these (and many more) basic techniques to help a telesales team in a division of Siemens increase their results by 74% in under three months.

This stuff works and yet has largely been forgotten.

And so the good news is that you don’t really need to be that bright nowadays to shine head and shoulders above the competition!

I can show you and your team exactly how to massively increase your results…

Until next time…