Don’t Let Them In…

26th July 2017 By 0 Comments

As Big Al rightly says, “Network marketing is something we all do every day – it’s just that most of us don’t get paid for it.”

Dead right eh, bang on the money!

Think about it for just a second….

How many times do we all have a great restaurant experience and virtually drag our friends there the next weekend, or we find a bargain and keep nagging a friend or relative until they’ve had the same benefit we’ve enjoyed.

Yet as Al says, we don’t get a penny from the restaurateur or vendor – no commission whatsoever, and yet we made the sale!

After thirty-plus years in direct sales – I personally believe that if you move one iota of product or service for a company, and this results in cash going into their coffers, then you deserve a share!


I didn’t always have that view though, my parents had this strange view that if people got rewarded in this way, that it was kind of a bribe or, ‘immoral’ or underhand – in retrospect, that’s because they came from a different era and had very non-commercial backgrounds – additionally the environmental conditioning they received from their parents – especially on my Mum’s side – rich people were bad, con-artists and charlatans etc.

It’s funny, because when you mention Network Marketing to most people – you get this similar strange reaction, like, “Oh, you mean Pyramid selling? or, “Oh yeah, that’s one of those Ponzi Schemes!”

And yet if you ever really ask someone to explain to you what a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme is – they usually can’t!

So, it’s just an ignorant generalisation – someone once said that Ignorance was really all any of us has to be afraid of, there’s a lot of truth behind that statement, here’s an example of why…

Imagine how many people are still working in jobs they hate, doing something they were never intended to do – all because they listened to a negative and ignorant naysayer, who’s misinformed and very general statement deterred them from making a life-changing decision!

The message is this – THINK for yourself, most people would rather die than really think, it’s easy to get caught up in other people’s opinions – but opinions are really the cheapest commodities on earth, and everyone’s full of them and just dying to regurgitate them all over anyone who’ll listen for more than a Nano-second!

In short – don’t let anyone steal your dreams!