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    Steve is a master of the art of sales, with only a few hours work he transformed the way we approach new business and more than doubled our conversion rate. That means a lot to a small business and not only generated more revenue but saved time.

    He’s not one of those ‘fly by night’ or ‘promise you the world and not deliver’ sales ‘consultants’ – he’s the real thing and I can honestly say I’d recommend him to all my connections who need their sales teams to improve and more importantly become highly motivated to sell!

    Simon Young

    Getting personal mentoring and advice from Steve came at precisely the right time for me, as I was going through many changes and challenges – Steve really helped me to put things into a proper perspective and helped my confidence grow immeasurably. He has also helped me decide once and for all on a new career path. I would 100% recommend Steve to anyone needing professional mentoring and common sense advice, he seemed to have been down most of the roads I was encountering which was so reassuring and confidence boosting

    Laya JH

    Had the most amazing day with Steve Q on 12th Feb 2019.
    Steve entered the business and the room lit up!!
    Steve gained an understanding of the business and adapted his training and motivation to ensure my team were open to ideas and driven to succeed.
    A great day and I would recommend you to utilise Steve’s skills
    Thanks Steve 🙂

    Sharon Singer