The Programmes

Call and Grow Rich is the definitive incremental learning system for anyone selling over the phone. This isn’t solely confined to call centres or phone rooms – it’s for any business who has an element of selling activity or phone-based customer service.

I view customer service as an important sub-category of selling – it’s often hard enough to win new customers in todays ultra-competitive marketplace, and then so many businesses fail to live up to expectations in the area of customer service, and just like the careless shepherd, they find themselves constantly losing their sheep and having to replace them frequently.

Having sales-oriented people in all aspects of a business means they are acutely aware of the true value of a customer, both to the business they work in and to themselves. Sales-aware customer service people guarantee that you retain your hard-won customers and sell them more of your product or service and that they want to refer you to others – ‘we need to be in the re-order business as much as we need to be in the new business business’ – John Paul DeJoria

Call and Grow Rich transcends many different disciplines within communications and sales relationships – being at the top of our game every time we pick up the phone is key to the success of our business.

Throughout this experiential training based on more than 35 years of my own success and that of others – your people will learn how to gain instant rapport over the phone, get the dreaded gatekeeper to be an extension of your sales process, transfer feelings of abundance and sincerity towards prospects, and how to keep them on the phone longer, and literally loving the experience of speaking with your salespeople!

Contact Steve Q today and let’s make a positive difference to your sales and sales team.

    Programme #1

    Notes from a Salesman, is an all-encompassing sales and communication program, that will condition and teach your salespeople the fundamentals of true sales success. We learn the true art of prospecting, building and honing the client relationship, closing more new business on a much more frequent basis and developing lasting repeat business with our clients and customers. Based around my experience which started at 14 years old as an evening phone canvasser for a family friend who sold insurance, this lead to knocking doors myself at the tender age of 19, in the less salubrious areas of a South Yorkshire town, selling life assurance and savings plans for the Prudential – the rest as they say is history!

    Programme #2

    Sell, Sell, Sell, is a program which really conditions the salesperson’s mindset around the subject and profession of sales itself. Based on the premise that, ‘nothing happens anywhere without a sale of some kind first being made’, we take your salespeople almost to the point of obsession when it comes to living and breathing SALES!

    “I had developed a reluctance to pick up the phone and cold call my business prospects. Working with Steve has helped me to overcome these issues and to actually look forward to and relish my phoning sessions, I’d recommend Steve to anyone struggling with phone techniques or communication requirements.”

    Elaine Fishberg

    Having Steve as a coach has definitely opened up my mind to many more possibilities regarding my immediate, and future life/business choices. Steve’s helped me see things past, present and future from a multi-dimensional perspective. Also, his positive enthusiasm is infectious, he always manages to get me into a positive and creative state, regardless.”

    Paul Thompson

    Getting personal mentoring and advice from Steve came at precisely the right time for me, as I was going through many changes and challenges – Steve really helped me to put things into a proper perspective and helped my confidence grow immeasurably. He has also helped me decide once and for all on a new career path. I would 100% recommend Steve to anyone needing professional mentoring and common sense advice, he seemed to have been down most of the roads I was encountering which was so reassuring and confidence boosting

    Laya JH