The Results

It's all about the results

Over 30 years selling on the phone has taught me a thing or two…
I’ve learned whilst I’ve earned – six and seven-figure commission incomes!
I’ve recently helped many telesales teams either reinvent themselves and start producing the results they’re capable of, as well as helping start teams up from scratch.

See a selection of my testimonials below here…

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    Result #1

    The most notable result I’ve achieved to date is a 74% uplift in sales results for a telephone-based sales team in a B2B division of Siemens. I would say that 70% of this success can be attributed to a shift in attitude and desire by the people in this team. Obviously, we worked with lots with communication and sales-based techniques, of which the most focus was on how not to sound like a salesperson and to conduct a mutually rewarding conversation with the prospect, which ultimately lead to a natural conclusion of a business relationship between the two parties…

    Result #2

    Sharon Singer, sales manager at Loop Telecom, kindly says, “The room lit up as soon as Steve walked in.” Kind praise indeed for which I am humbly appreciative. However, on a more pragmatic note, the only thing that would lighten up the room is electricity – which is a form of energy, Einstein taught us that energy is everything, and I wholeheartedly agree. The energy, attitude and enthusiasm I bring, I bring in an attempt to impart the same into your salespeople – ask Sharon, or anyone else who’s worked with me and they’ll tell you the same – and it’s that winning, enthusiastic attitude that gets the BIG results!

    Result #3

    In Dubai, former HR chief to The Sheik’s office, Layla Horobin-Almari, has kindly recommended my mentoring program to many of her contacts around the globe. Again, an experiential approach helps me to help you and your senior people to get the best out of yourselves, reduce stress and anxiety and ultimately to live life on your own terms, whilst performing at peak levels of achievement. The best achievements for me come in the form of seeing people’s ‘lights come on’ – that moment when realisation resonates both intellectually and emotionally – it then becomes a belief, and only then can we take action with true power!

    Result #4

    Working closely from inception with a telephone based sales team in the real-estate investment sector, Steve trained, menored and inspired both the in-house and external agents sales teams at English Land Partners to peak levels of performance – which culminated in cash sales in excess of £6 Million per month in less that 18 months of trading.

    I had developed a reluctance to pick up the phone and cold call my business prospects. Working with Steve has helped me to overcome these issues and to actually look forward to and relish my phoning sessions, I’d recommend Steve to anyone struggling with phone techniques or communication requirements.

    Elaine Fishberg

    Steve is one of those guys that has been there and done it.

    He’s a very genuine person with the skills to lay down a clear system for telemarketing results.


    Because he understands direct response marketing, he’s learnt from the source and brings those universal skills to his clients in a way that will never grow old – And breaks through the BARRIERS of today’s sales challenges to help his clients.

    Leon Streete

    Having Steve as a coach has definitely opened up my mind to many more possibilities regarding my immediate, and future life/business choices. Steve’s helped me see things past, present and future from a multi-dimensional perspective. Also, his positive enthusiasm is infectious, he always manages to get me into a positive and creative state, regardless.

    Paul Thompson