The Training

Your people are your biggest asset, and whilst everyone is important – I believe that particular emphasis should be deployed when it comes to keeping our salespeople at the very peak of their game.

Simply put – they bring the money in, so let’s give them the tools to bring in more of it on a consistent basis.

My training starts with the root cause of all success – desire!

The desire to achieve and be the best, to get the awards – and the commission, should be the underlying bedrock of any professional salesperson.

Basically it comes down to attitude – attitude towards themselves as salespeople, the company they serve and the customers they wish to serve.

The success of your business will always be in direct proportion to the number of customers you serve, the profit you make from serving them, and the frequency or amount of times you serve them!

This will ultimately be governed by the desire, attitude and professionalism of your salespeople – their success will always be in direct proportion to these three factors – and so will yours.

It’s about straight talking, transparent communication and great attitude – two of the biggest overlooked secrets in sales!

Contact Steve Q today and let’s make a positive difference to your sales and sales team.


    A salesperson’s attitude towards themselves as salespeople needs to be unshakable, people who do not possess this feeling about themselves often suffer from imposter syndrome. A great attitude towards our prospects and customers needs to be on high maintenance everyday – ‘as within, without’.

    Everyone can see your attitude!


    The mindset of a professional, goal-driven professional salesperson is completely different from that of the happy-go-lucky amateur who just scrapes target each month – whilst the disciplined and dedicated salespeople are just killing it – and making it look easy.

    Mindset is simply another way of describing our outlook – how we see ourselves, our business and our customers…

    Conscious awareness

    Conscious awareness of our attitude, mindset and progress is critical in the attainment of success.

    It’s the ability to almost ‘stand outside of ourselves’ and be totally aware and honest about what we see.

    It’s also the faculty of being able to realise and embrace change – in both ourselves and our approach to situations.

    Nothing will change or improve if we first don’t ourselves – ‘for things to change for us, we must first change ourselves’ – Jim Rohn

    Steve is a master of the art of sales, with only a few hours work he transformed the way we approach new business and more than doubled our conversion rate. That means a lot to a small business and not only generated more revenue but saved time.

    He’s not one of those ‘fly by night’ or ‘promise you the world and not deliver’ sales ‘consultants’ – he’s the real thing and I can honestly say I’d recommend him to all my connections who need their sales teams to improve and more importantly become highly motivated to sell!

    Simon Young

    Managing Director

    Quite simply, Steve knows his stuff. He has the experience and know-how to take your sales teams to a new level. Steve is a doer, not just one of those people who talk the talk. His advice has been invaluable to my business and I am very thankful for his training, support and ongoing mentoring.

    On a personal level Steve’s a genuinely nice guy who values building strong relationships with his clients.

    I would highly recommend Steve if any level of your Sales team could benefit from new and effective techniques for selling your products and services.

    Andy Ryan

    Recruitment Specialist

    Fantastic one on one training I have learned so much from Steve “How to seal that deal” How to open up a conversation, how to now be afraid of the NO’s and gain more confidence on the telephone. I’ve taken all this on board and my network team has doubled in size in just a few months. I now do a monthly chat with Steve with all my team working on confidence, communication techniques, their sales have increased … Fantastic. If your a Network Marketer you need Steve to help you take your business to the top.

    Tillie-Dionne Jordan

    Team Leader